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If you ask yourself why am I here? What’s my purpose? How can I fulfill my potential? You’re in the right place. Welcome to the Heart Centered Human Design Podcast, the show for heart centered entrepreneurs and professionals that want meaningful success AND work/life balance so they can wake up everyday feeling empowered, inspired and supported by work and life. I’m your host, Vanessa Naja, a Human Design expert and coach. My mission is to help you be on purpose and fulfill your potential by embodying your unique Human Design so you can feel empowered, joyful, connected and free Discover your purpose, gifts, and potential with Human Design, a system of self-understanding and personal growth. Get practical insights on how to live your authentic life, make the best choices for you and create a life, and career you love filled with incredible relationships.

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Season 2 Episode 11 – Awareness, Anxiety, Nervousness and Fear in Human Design & Business

We have three awareness centers in our human design body graph, and these govern how we experience the world around us through our physical, mental and emotional awareness.

These centers also contain our fears, our nervousness, and our anxieties. In this episode, we cover how these fears can show up in your life, in your business, in your relationships, and what you can do to make the most of your awareness centers. ...See More

Season 2 - Episode 10 - Riding out a Hurricane

Through the Lens of my Human Design

On Monday, July 1st, 2024 I experienced my first major hurricane on the Island of Grenada where I live. Part of our country was completely destroyed by Hurricane Beryl. In this episode, I share my experience of weathering a major hurricane in a hard hit country through the lens of my own Human Design...See More

Season 2 Episode 9– Fear and Business - A Human Design Perspective

Fear might be one of the biggest things that is holding you back in your business. We all deal with fear and there are plenty of healthy fears that are actually essential for our survival. Other fears hold us back and they can really prevent us from being and fulfilling our potential in business and in life. Fear is mapped out all over your human design chart and it can have a detrimental impact on your business. ...See More

Season 2 - Episode 8 - Emotional Intelligence for Reflectors

Reflectors are extremely rare at a little over 1% of the population. Even though they’re experience can vary a lot from day to day, they do have consistency throughout their lunar cycle. Understanding how unique and different they are and honoring that uniqueness can really help them step into their emotional Intelligence potential....See More

Season 2 Episode 7 – Emotional Intelligence for Projectors

Projectors are extremely compelling when living in alignment and are designed to be noticed. They’re very different from the majority of the population in terms of energy levels and ideal working styles. ...See More

Season 2 - Episode 6 - Emotional Intelligence for Manifesting Generators

Human design Manifesting Generators are very unique in their non linear approach, the speed at which they operate, and their potential to skip steps. These aspects of their design can often be misunderstood by others and can cause pain for the manifesting generator when they don't understand how this works...See More

Season 2 Episode 5 – Emotional Intelligence for Generators

Human Design Generators have juicy life force energy that can be so attractive and magnetic to others and so satisfying for the Generator. If they're not living in alignment and not using their energy correctly, they have the opposite effect...See More

Season 2 - Episode 4 - Emotional Intelligence for Manifestors

Human Design Manifestors are powerful and highly impactful on others. When they're embodying a high level of emotional intelligence, this can be profoundly beneficial for their relationships and careers. On the other end of the emotional spectrum this can be detrimental...See More

Season 2 Episode 3 – How Type Impacts Your Emotional Intelligence

Your human design type can influence your emotional expression in a number of different ways. It also impacts how other people experience you emotionally. In this episode, I give you an overview of how type influences emotional intelligence in 3 key areas and how your type communicates this to other people through your electromagnetic frequency or aura.....See More

Season 2 - Episode 2 - Five Emotional Areas of Your Human Design Chart

Human Design has a TON to say about emotional intelligence. How you experience yourself emotionally is written all over your chart. In this episode, I go over 5 specific areas of your Human Design chart that can tell you a lot about experience and express emotions and the impact this can have in both business and relationships.....See More

Season 2 Episode 1 – Emotional Intelligence and Conscious Business

In the introductory episode for Season 2 of the Podcast, Vanessa shares about emotional intelligence and how it applies to conscious business and this covers so much more than just how you earn your living. Learning how emotions influence you, both yours and those of others....See More

Season 1 Episode 38 - My Human Design Story Through the Lens of My Chart

In the final episode of Season 1, I review all we’ve covered this season through the lens of my own Human Design chart and I share with you my own story while we’re at it. I haven’t done an episode where I share with you who I am and it didn’t feel right to complete an entire season without sharing my own Human Design journey.....See More

Season 1 Episode 37 – Why and How You Attract Certain Relationships through your Human Design

Have you wondered why some people are totally fine being alone, they don’t seem to need anyone else, while others are always looking outside of themselves to feel complete through their relationships?....See More

Season 1 Episode 36 - How You Process Info & Where You're Most Prone to Conditioning

Have you wondered why some people can assimilate information and events so quickly and it takes others much longer? Or why some people are perfectly fine doing things on their own, working alone and are very self contained when others need to be with people in order to be most effective?....See More

Season 1 Episode 35 – Sixth Line Profile in Human Design: Role Model

Role Models aren’t born, they develop over time with experience and wisdom. This episode is all about the 6th Line in Human Design, also known as the Role Model. They live their lives in a unique tri-phase process....See More

Season 1 Episode 34 Fifth Line Profile in Human Design: Heretic, Messenger

The Person with a Fifth Line profile is designed to spread their message (the message of what is contained in their Human Design chart)  to the world at large. It’s the most transpersonal of all the lines and....See More

Season 1 Episode 33 – Fourth Line Profile in Human Design: Influencer, Networker, Opportunist

The Fourth Line in Human Design is deeply influential on its networks. People with this line in their Human Design profile tend to have very deep and meaningful relationships with others. This is the foundation of transpersonal relationships....See More

Season 1 Episode 32 Third Line Profile in Human Design: Martyr, Pioneer

The Third Line in Human Design, known as the Martyr or Pioneer, is here to show us all what works by discovering what doesn’t work. They learn and experience through a trial and error process....See More

Episode 31 – Second Line Profile in Human Design: Hermit, Natural

The Second Line in Human Design, known as the Hermit or Natural, is naturally talented or gifted and is meant to be called out by others to share their talents. They love to spend time alone....See More

Episode 30– First Line Profile in Human Design: Investigator, Authority

The First Line in Human Design, known as the Investigator or Authority, needs to have a solid foundation in order to feel secure. It builds that foundation through...See More

Episode 29 – Your Profile in Human Design

Your Human Design Profile is a very significant aspect of who you are. Your profile tells you a lot about how you fulfill your purpose in life. It includes aspects of your learning style, relationship style as well as potential significant life cycles....See More

Episode 28 – What are All the Numbers on the Human Design Chart?

There are a lot of numbers on the Human Design Body graph. In this episode, we go over where these numbers come from and what they mean about your Human Design...See More

Episode 27 – What Human Design Tells You About Your Unconscious

One of the most fascinating and unique things about Human Design is that it goes into the unconscious aspects of who you are. Other systems only look at your conscious aspects...See More

Episode 26 – The Root Center in Human Design

This is the center of adrenaline, stress and pressure. How this center is configured in your chart plays a big role in determining how you experience stress…See More

Episode 25 – The Sacral Center in Human Design

The Sacral Center is the center of life force and workforce energy. How this center is configured in your chart plays a big role in determining your Human Design Type…
See More

Episode 24 – The Will Center in Human Design

In this episode, we dive into the Will Center in Human Design, also known as the Ego or Heart Center. This powerful motor center governs self-esteem, confidence, self-worth…See More

Episode 23 – The G – Center in Human Design

This episode is all about the G – Center which governs love, identity and direction in Human Design. How you experience this energy depends on how this Center is configured in your chart…
See More

Episode 22 – The Emotional Solar Plexus Center in Human Design

In this episode we dive into the intricacies of the Emotional Solar Plexus in Human Design. Understanding how this Center works is vital to emotional wellbeing and relationships…See More

Episode 21 – The Spleen Center in Human Design

In this episode we focus on the Spleen Center in Human Design. We dive into the importance of the Spleen Center as an awareness center…See more

Episode 20 – The Throat Center in Human Design

In this episode, we dive into the throat center and its impact on communication and taking action. The throat center holds immense potential for wisdom and…See more

Episode 19 – The Ajna Center in Human Design

The Ajna center plays an important role in transforming inspiration from the head center into ideas, opinions and answers expressed through the throat center….See more

Episode 18 – The Head Center in Human Design

In this episode we explore the head center in Human Design. Centers are areas that govern how our energy flows and expresses. How your centers are configured …See more

Episode 17 – Lunar Authority in Human Design

In this episode, we explore lunar authority and its unique connection to the Reflector Human Design Type. With only 1% of the population…See more

Episode 16 – Mental Authority in Human Design

In this episode, we explore the concept of mental authority, also known as environmental authority, and its significance for Mental Projectors…See more

Episode 15 – Self Projected Authority in Human Design

In this episode, we dive into the concept of self-projected authority in Human Design. It’s a rare and powerful form of decision-making…See more

Episode 14 – Ego Authority in Human Design

Ego Authority, found in only 1 in 6,000 individuals, is a powerful force that governs decisions through the Ego Center, often referred to as the Heart or Will Center…See more

Episode 13 – Splenic Authority in Human Design

In this episode, we dive into Splenic Authority in Human Design, Splenic Projectors and Splenic Manifestors use this to make the best decisions…See more

Episode 12 – Sacral Authority in Human Design

In this episode, we focus on Sacral Authority providing guidance for Generators and Manifesting Generators who do NOT have emotional authority…See more

Episode 11– Emotional Authority in Human Design

In this episode, Vanessa dives into the fascinating realm of emotions and the human design system. Whether your emotional center is defined or undefined, this conversation is a must-listen...See more

Episode 10 – Making the Best Decisions with Human Design

In this episode, we explore the concept of “Inner Authority,” which is a key to making the best possible decisions in life…See more

Episode 9 – Falling in Love With Your Design

In this episode, we explore how understanding and accepting ourselves unconditionally, including all aspects of our design, can positively impact every area of our lives…See more

Episode 8 – The Reflector Human Design Type

In this episode, Vanessa explores the Reflector, the rarest type in human design. Reflectors are unique individuals who play an important role…See more

Episode 7 – The Projector Human Design Type

This episode is all about Projectors who possess a rare ability to guide energy and offer a unique perspective on potential…See more

Episode 6 – The Manifesting Generator Human Design Type

In this episode, Vanessa, a Manifesting Generator, dives into the world of Manifesting Generators and shares personal insights on this unique human design type…See more

Episode 5 – The Generator Human Design Type

In this episode, Vanessa discusses the Human Design type Generators. Generators are the most common type…See more

Episode 4 – The Manifestor Human Design Type

Manifestors are powerful, innovative beings with a unique aura that can be hard to read. They have a strong urge to initiate …See more

Episode 3 – Human Design Centers Overview

An Overview of Human Design Centers and How They Impact Us In this episode, we dive into the significance of Human Design centers. Understanding the centers is important….See more

Episode 2 – Human Design Type Overview

In this episode, I introduce you to the 5 types of the Human Design System. Your type reveals how your unique energy interacts with the world and with others around yo…See more

Episode 1 – What is Human Design and How Can It Help You?

In this episode, I introduce you to Human Design, a powerful system of self-understanding and personal growth that helps you discover your purpose….See more

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Feedback from my Clients, Customers and Students

Krystal William – 1/3 Somatic Therapist, Projector

Vanessa’s mentorship has made a huge difference in my life. She’s taught me so much about my own design. Before working with Vanessa, I was often hard on myself: judging, pathologizing, and forcing myself into societal structures. Since learning about my design, I give myself much more permission. I am more myself in relationships with others and have healthier relationships in all areas of my life. Since working with Vanessa, I navigate my life in ways I never had before. I have so much more trust in my own process and timing and am in greater flow of cocreation with the Universe. Anyone who works with Vanessa will surely experience the benefits of what she has to offer. The world is certainly a better place because she is here, following her callings and sharing it with us all.

Sanna Atherton – Acupuncturist, 5/1 Projector

I've had several Human Design readings with Vanessa and I have become aware of an ease in applying what I know to myself. I have become aware of a better level of understanding and compassion for myself and a deeper acceptance of my quirks and the way my energy works. I’m not so demanding of wishing to be a certain way, because I now better understand my energy makeup and I’m better able to work with it. I would absolutely recommend some time spent on your Human Design with Vanessa. She’s quite the exceptional coach and facilitator of finding a better relationship with self, which ultimately then flows over to your relationship with others.

Kirsten Book – Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, 1/4 Generator

I am so grateful to learn about Human Design. Vanessa is an amazing teacher and the gentle, patient way she introduces and explains my specific design has turned my life around for the better. I am not swimming up hill and struggling anymore, but I am learning to trust my sacral response and intuition. Thank you Vanessa for the patient and loving way of introducing me to Human Design. Your aura is so peaceful and refreshing.

Jill Hoffman - 4/6 Projector

Vanessa is an amazing guide who leads you into the untouched spaces of your heart. She compiles your Human Design chart and can
tell you why you do and feel the way you do
. When she determines your personality type by looking at your chart she not only advises you on those traits but also applies other aspects of your personalized chart to offer suggestions on how to make your life more successful, profitable and peaceful. She makes sense of your habits and offers the tools and suggestions to better live out your best life. I highly recommend taking this journey with her as she is a wise and seasoned travel companion who will guide you with love and compassion.

Clover Lewis - Women's Personal Style Coach, 2/4 Manifesting Generator

I’ve had several Human Design readings with Vanessa and
what I found so amazing about it and what kept me coming back for more is the degree of accuracy. Human Design really highlights my inner world and the way in which I interact with the outer world. I now know so much more about the way in which I interact emotionally and when best to look after my needs and setting clear boundaries of looking after my needs before interacting with other people.
That alone has already made my relationship with my husband a lot more harmonious. I can absolutely say Vanessa lives, breathes and loves Human Design. How she transmits the information is very engaging, really interesting and quite easy to understand. She’s great at explaining a difficult concept in a way that is easily digestible. Having a Human Design reading helps you really know yourself, be a better communicator and have more compassion for yourself and others.

Jessica Louise – Women’s somatic healing, transformation and empowerment guide, 2/4 Manifesting Generator

Human design with Vanessa has really allowed me to have more clarity into where I should be focusing my energy and attention within my personal and professional life. It’s allowed me to really connect to my inner wisdom on a much deeper level and has allowed me to really trust myself. Human Design has given me a new level of self understanding. It puts tangible terms and words to things that I already felt intuitively about myself in a way that really helps me to accept myself in a way that I haven’t been able to before. I would highly recommend Vanessa for Human Design readings. She really knows her stuff and is hugely passionate about what she does.

Giana Sell - Permanent Makeup Artist 2/4 Generator

Vanessa is so spot on with her Human Design reading. A lot of the the information about my chart was new to me. However, most of what I heard felt like I already knew somehow… I just needed to hear from somebody else, to reassure me what my subconscious already knew. As a business owner and human, life can get a little overwhelming with the amount of decisions we have to make. Human Design has taught me to trust myself, the answers lie within.

Salomie Lawrence - Fine Artist, 2/4 Manifestor

What struck me was how closely this resembled me, I could literally see myself. It is like I was designed and this is my manual
...but you knew that!!

I am taken aback and reassured that I'm not deficient, I just need clarity and rest!! The report contained so many explanations and felt deeply personal


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